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Heidi - 16 February, 2017
We love all of our Molly!!
Steph - 15 February, 2017
We opened a bottle of Girl on the Go last night to celebrate Valentine’s Day. When Nick opened it some wine rushed out and Mum and I quickly encouraged him to drink it from the bottle to enjoy it and not waste it...

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Susie and Michael - 2 February, 2017

... Your story is great and Sarah and Sparky seem to have a wonderful sense of humour. I just wanted to share this with you because it made our day and opened our eyes to a great area of Australia and wonderful wines. Good luck to you—I know we will be back one day! ...

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Pete - 28 January, 2017 - Wisconsin, USA

... You are very good at your job so I thank you very much. I look forward to enjoying this wine and might look at signing up for the on-going club plans ...

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