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The Mollydooker Shake

Gene & Sally - 15-August, 2014 - Florida
As you know, my wife Sally and I are big fans of the Mollydooker family and therefore are just as proud as you for your huge success. We look forward on an almost daily basis to tasting our favorite wines. Congratulations! Really, meeting you at the tasting in New Jersey and staying at the same B&B was terrific. Then to top it off, Sparky gave us an autographed cap and a signed bottle of Velvet Glove!
Chris F - 15-August, 2014 - New Jersey

Congratulations on the great scores resulting from your hard work. I am to a degree suffering from your excellence. Over the years my children & their spouses have also developed a taste for your product. I have been purchasing 5 cases a year at Wine Works/Charlie Beatty and this year I finally bit the bullet and sprung for 6 cases. When we visit the kids where they live around the country at least another case will be purchased between Fayetteville AR, Los Angeles, & San Francisco. Keep up the good work.

Chris C - 14-August, 2014 - Hawaii
We have been drinking Mollydooker wines for years. The Boxer, Blue Eyed Boy, Enchanted Path, Carnival of Love and the Velvet Glove. Had the 2009 Velvet Glove on Monday evening with friends from England. They loved it and even better after the Mollydooker shake was applied. Thanks for the great wine.
Thomas W - 14-August, 2014 - Denmark

Well done on the Harvey Steiman reviews. We are enjoying your wines so much!