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 Claudia E - 31 October, 2014 - Switzerland
Hello Sarah & Sparky...we met your lovely son Luke on his trip around the world. We had such a ball with him and also with Roly Oberholzer. Read more on "View All"

 Jennifer – 31 October, 2014 – Virginia Beach,VA

What better way to celebrate a special birthday - party and wine tasting with friends. Happy Birthday Jennifer! Cheers for allowing us to be a part of the celebrations.
John O - 30 October, 2014 - USA
While I know it is from a closed chapter in your wine making life, I just thought you would like to know that my wife, sister in law and I are enjoying with a steak dinner your 2002 Integrity. It is a profound wine. Deep black/red color, amazing aroma, luxurious sweet fruit and a finish that goes on and on. The wine is young and could easily last another 20 years. I will resist temptation with respect to the other two bottles in my cellar.
Jonathan & Jessica B - 29 October, 2014 - Greenland, NH

'... thank you for continuing to produce consistently high quality wines. My wife and I have been big fans of your products ever since we took a chance on a bottle of “The Boxer”. We have been purchasing and collecting your wines ever since that first bottle. As a person who works in QA for a living, I am personally impressed with the level of quality and care in your wines. This is one of many reasons that there will always be bottles of Mollydooker in our cellar as long as the both of you continue to make them. Thank you!